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TREKS crafts nature-based and team-building activities that empower a sustainable future for our planet and your team


Sustainable planting on verges to cultivate habitat for our protected and endangered wildlife

Understanding Ecosystem Dynamics

Gain a comprehensive understanding of local ecosystems, their components, and the intricate relationships between native plants and wildlife.

Habitat Assessment Techniques

Learn effective techniques for assessing habitat conditions, identifying key ecological indicators, and evaluating the impact of human activities on natural habitats.

Native Flora and Fauna Identification

Develop proficiency in identifying native plant and wildlife species, understanding their ecological roles, and recognising their specific habitat requirements.

Habitat Restoration Strategies

Acquire knowledge of habitat restoration principles and explore various restoration strategies, including habitat enhancement, invasive species management, and soil conservation techniques.

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Nature Walks

Take a break, immerse in nature

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Nature Academia

Be a Bio-Knowledgeable Vacationers

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Unison Building

Unite for the challenge

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Nature Events

Do something worthwhile for nature

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Smart experiences

Let technology amplify nature’s whispers, unlocking wonders unseen

Smart Learning

Point your phone camera at an image to unlock interactive learning experiences

Smart Guide

Embark on immersive virtual tours with your smartphone, featuring in-depth information

Smart Photo

Experience animals coming to life in your photos and videos with our AR feature

Smart Route

Map your walk with smart insights, unveiling surprises before your steps

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Our background

Once known as PlayVillage, our exploration was fueled by play. Now, as Treks, we embark on exciting future adventures.

We’re fortunate to have worked with some great brands

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