RMCO Primatewatching and Birdwatching initiatives… Recording the effects and impact of a partial eclipse on the Primates and Birds of Genting… Starts today..

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The anticipated partial eclipse is scheduled for 21.6.020 roughly with its max form at 3.57pm local time.

Coincidently today is the last day of the Strawberry Hari Raya Moon and beginning this tonight it will be the 24hr period called the Zero Moon.

The new moon aka the BUCK Moon will emerge on the evening of 21.6.2020 which will be about 3 1/2hrs after the scheduled partial eclipse.

What is usually fascinating for researchers and scientists is finding out the impact of and effects of eclipses be it a total eclipse, an annular eclipse or a partial eclipse.

While many findings have recorded numerous particulars however recording of the impact of eclipse on the wildlife of Genting Highlands may not have been initiated.

Thus the opportunity to add on a new porfolio to our overall services.

The plan is to cover 2 full days of observation in as many locations as possible plus if necessary a third day ie. On the day after the eclipse. Today is the the eve of the eclipse..

Wildlife Sightings and Reactions


6am GVR Overcast slightly windy

Magpie Robin 1, Asian Glossy Starling a few

The calls of either the Great or Rhinoceros Hornbill 2

7am GVR Overcast sunrise slightly windy

Pig tailed Macaque 10 nos est feeding on Pepericum tree spp.

8am Calls of Bushy-crested Hornbills, Yellow-naped Orioles, Yellow-vented Bulbul

10am Magpie Robin 2, Banded Woodpecker 1, Yellow-naped Oriole 1

10.30am Alpha Pig-tailed Macaque 1, green-billed Malkoha 2, Brown squirrel 1

11am PV Alpha Pig-tailed Macaque 1

11.30am HR Long-tailed Macaque 6-10

12nn LWV Female Red Jungle fowl, Surili Leaf Monkey 2 Started to rain

12-3pm Taking a rain break

3.30pm GTJ scouting a possible site for observing and recording the eclipse

4.30pm Moving onto another spot and along the route came across the handless alpha male Pig-tailed Macaque by the roadside. Not the first seeing it but the first time stopping to get some shots of him fir the record.

4.45pm Checking out another site more probability of a Primate spp and Eagle sighting in conjuction with the eclipse.

Eclipses make animals do strange things

Posted by EarthSky Voices in EARTH |July 15, 2019

Eclipses make animals do strange things

8.30pm Checking the night sky which has high overcast. No stars readily spotted. Dark as its consideted a Zero moon night. But cicadas are loud.

Cicadas are loud in the dark. It’s zero moon tonight.

9.30pm Checking out the dark sky once more revealed Jupiter rising in the East… After that it was overcast.


12.10am when the clouds clear overhead, saw Jupiter and a faint Saturn below…

12.45am what is either Mars or Neptune rise from the horizon… And there was Jupiter up high too

1.45am The overhead skies cleared a little to revealed Saturn Jupiter Sagittarius and Scorpio alignment.

6am The Eastern front was cloudy. Magpie Robin and the red Jungle fowls were amongst the first to noise up…

6.50am On the Southern front it was cloudy too. With the usual calls of small forest Birds. There was the hoot of the Helmeted Hornbill.

7.00am The Sun rose with some reddish hue

7.05am Not much of a sunrise. Large Lenticular clouds on the North Eastern. And the cloud patterns on the Western front and Zenith North were cottony…

7.30am The first signs of Pig-tailed Macaque feeding on the Pepericum

7.45am The sky blued up and the sun shone. The small Birds quieted down but you can hear the Magpie, Iora abs Bulbuls.

8.03am Blue-eared Barbet, White-throated Kingfisher calls

8.30am No Siamang calls. Just Barbets, Magpie and Ioras.

3.15pm Thick cloud cover. One Bulbul call. Some cicada. Otherwise quiet.

3.35pm The sky is cloudy and darkening. A Magpie Robin, Myna and Bulbul darting across the road.