Overview of Fashion Forest

This is the lead project. The FF is a stretch of Upper Dipterocarp rainforest located on a ridge at RWGenting Awana with a trail length of 500m and 500m width on both sides of the ridge. In it, our first effort is to study its rich bio-diversity, animals and plants kingdom, in depth.

What have we initiated here?

  1. We “fashioned a forest”
    • We created 5 Fashion Forest Galleries
      • Gallery 1 – Steps
      • Gallery 2 – Forest Floor 1
      • Gallery 3 – Forest Floor 2
      • Gallery 4 – Forest Floor 3
      • Gallery 5 – Fashion Forest Walk Trail
  2. Celebri-Tree Project – Making Supermodels of Our Animal and Plant Bio-Diversity
  3. Plant a Tree in Someone’s Heart – A Social Media Campaign to create a love for Nature
  4. Start Your Own Forest – A TREKS outreach bio-diversity initiative to get the Public, Special Interest Groups and Private Enterprise to start their own Fashion Forest akin to our Fashion Forest at RW Genting Awana

To sum up, where Fashion Forest is concerned, TREKS creates, publicizes, manages and sustain an integral part of a 130 million years old rainforest for eco-tourism and for bio-diversity interactive activities that benefits society at large.