Overview of Bio Parks

Generally reputed to be 130 million years old rainforest, we promote the 3 distinctive types of forest as gazetted by the Malaysian Forestry Department.

  1. Awana Bio Park (3,000ft upper dipterocarp forest)
  2. Chin Swee Bio Park (4,500ft montane oak forest)
  3. Genting Bio Park (6,000ft montane ericaceous forest)

All our work, on conservation and activities today is concentrated in the Bio Parks.

So what do we do here?

We study and record (in print, photos and videos) the 3 types of forest and its biodiversity in general and on specific conservation subjects to build up information and share the information duly with the proprietors of the mountain and with their collaboration, share the information and create activities that can benefit the society, the environment, the authorities and the proprietors via activities, social media and public relation & CSR events.


Type of forest

Source: Forestry Malaysia