TREKS Nepenthes Conservation & Display Wall at English Garden

The Nep Wall (as we call it) is made up of a balau wood wall specially designed to display live rescued pitcher plants that have been rehabilitated for public viewing. The Nep Wall was installed in January 2016 and opened for public viewing on 8th February 2016 ie. the first day of Chinese New Year 2016.

The present display of live specimens of mature pitcher plants is based on their natural growth habitat. The pitcher plant display panel on the left shows specimens that grow on slopes. The central display panel shows specimens that grow uprightly while the panel on the right shows specimens that grow horizontally.

The present display also showcases other plants that are also part of the overall conservation study effort. They include the Fern Moss, Tree Fern and the Wild Bamboo Orchids.

It is planned that the display of live specimens will be changeable ie. a new display of live specimens will be installed every 2-3 months whilst the previous specimens will be sent to a holding area to be rehabilitated and recycled at a later date.