All 5 species of Genting Highlands Primates came and had a feast of figs except for one. Genting Highlands.

TREKS School For Primate Watching. TREKS Nature Academia. Genting Highlands.

18.3.2020 – 28.4.2050

MCO Lockdown

As the fig ripens the 5 species of Primates of Genting Highlands came. Only 4 had a feast for many days as the figs ripen from yellow to red. The Pig-tailed Macaques, Long-tailed Macaques were the most regular followed by the Dusky Leaf Monkeys and the Apes of Genting Highlands, the Siamang family of Socrates.

The only one that did not eat any figs were the Surili White-thighed Leaf Monkeys.

1. RAMSES Siamang family

2. Dusky Leaf Monkey

3 Surili White-thighed Leaf Monkey

4. Pig-tailed Macaque

5. Long-tailed Macaque

The Primate Showdown

It was mighty interesting to see the commotion the 4 species made on one of the mornings when all 4 species arrived to feast on the fruiting Fig Tree.

The Primate Brawl