What is an Alliance of Rainforest and where is it? And why is it called that way?

The 7 types of forests of Malaysia (courtesy of the Forestry of Malaysia)

What is the Alliance of Rainforest? Most will not be aware that there are 7 types of forests that makes up our reputedly 130 million years old tropical rainforests by elevation. The rainforests that is owned by Genting Highlands begins from an elevation of 1000ft – 6000ft above sea level.

Where is it? Within this elevation, there are 4 types of forest that makes up the bulk of the Genting Highlands. The Alliance of Rainforest is an animated name of 3 types of forests that are found at the elevations of Awana Hotel (3000ft) – Upper Dipterocarp, the Chin Swee Temple (4500ft) – Montane oak and at the Genting Highlands top (6000ft) Montane ericaceous.

Why is called the Alliance of Rainforest? Knowing the various types of forests is helpful when one wants to to know more intimately about the flora and fauna of Genting Highlands and why it is an important ecological and bio-diverse rainforest reserve that is privately owned.


The animated names of the 3 types of forests in the Alliance of Rainforest, Genting Highlands

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