Unison Building

The Reel Simulator

The REEL Simulator is an action learning concept of team games based on the inspirations of popular movies. These team games are aimed at forging unity through fun simulations.

List of programs

Mission Impossible
Your Best Is Yet To Come)
Be Ready For Moving Targets)
007 The World Is Not Enough
Ask For More)
Star Wars, The Fore Awakens
Use The Force)
Don’t Strive. Thrive. Predate.
Pacific Rim
Unite For Success
Assemble The Ultimate Team
Work Under Pressure
Running Man
Soon The Hunt Will Begin
Hunger Games
Be The One Who Motivates The Story
National Treasure
The Clues Are In front Of Your Eyes
Edge Of Tomorrow
Live. Die. Repeat.
Black Hawk Down
Leave No Man Behind
Get Ready For The Rush Hour
If You Can See The Future, You Can Save It