The Tallest and Largest N.sanguinea Pitcher

On the trek with Janet Caddick and Jenny Hols, a daughter and mum pair from Sounth Africa but now residing in Qatar, we discovered Artemis, the tallest and largest N.sanguinea pitcher at the outer fringes of the Chocolate Forest.

It was 31.1.2018. And it was a fabulous find. An N.sanguinea pitcher at 17 1/2inches in height!

17 1/2inches tall N.sanguinea pitcher

Here’s Janet and Jenny posing with Artemis when it was rescued and transferred to TREKS Nepenthes Conservatory on 1.2.2018.

Jenny (L) and Janet posing with Artemis
Posing by Artemis with Jenny and Janet

The discovery began on a wonderful morning with a wondrously blue sky filled with awesome artwork of clouds.


(To be continued)


Eddie Chan

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