The Amazing Pitcher Plants of Genting Highlands – A TREKS Prime Nature Conservation Endeavor started in 2015

Colorful natural hybrids of N.sanguineas of Genting Highlands

This is a very long story.

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.


Our first step was finding nearly all of the above variants in a single morning along a desolated road while looking to photograph montane moss varieties. While seeping through the hundreds of photos, it dawn on us that we might have discovered “hundreds’ of species of pitcher plants. A quick check on the internet reveals that there are only 3 species native to Genting Highlands – N.sanguinea, N.ramispina and N.macfarlanei. Indeed we could find 3 photos that could match the images of the species highlighted by Wikipedia. So what could the rest be?

To satisfy the curiosity and the excitement, we decided to collect a sample pitcher of each variant. This was the second step of the long story. It was fundamentally the step that launched our engagement and investment in The Amazing Pitcher Plants of Genting Highlands.

Sample A of a variety of N.sanguinea, N.ramispina and N.macfarlanei collected
Sample B of similar varieties but of differing shapes, sizes, colors and forms


(To be continued)








Eddie Chan

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