The Amazing Moths of Genting Highlands – A TREKS Entomology Discovery of 2017

The study of moths and butterflies comes under the science called Lepidopterology. There are 7 times more moth species than are butterflies in the world – 140,000 species of moths and 20,000 species of butterflies. While moths are not as popular as their cousins the butterflies, they are however, as attractive and are more mysterious in their forms, shapes, designs, sizes and functions.

In a little more than 30 days, beginning from the first day of Ramadhan of 2017, we had discovered and photographed with a Huawei P9, more than 3000 specimens of moths of which we believe 1300 or more are species.

Almost all species and specimens were found in one locality. The times for each day of discovery and photo-taking was between 9am-12nn and between 5.30pm-8.30pm. While these are not traditionally recognized times for ‘Mothing’, it underscores that the discovery was made without the use of any manner of moth traps traditionally used. It further underscores that the discovery of 1300 species at that time is unprecedented. Verification of this discovery is being carried out at the time of this article.

(To be continued)



Eddie Chan

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