The Admirable Siamangs – Gentle and Shy Apes of Genting Highlands

Romeo Siamang so relaxed on a branch

Apes in Genting Highlands? Yes certainly, in the form of the gentle and shy Siamangs species. Unlike their ‘higher status’ cousins like the gorillas of Central Africa, the chimpanzees of America and the orang utans of Kalimantan, the Siamangs of Genting Highlands might be smaller in size but are no lesser in intelligence and acrobatic skills. In fact, we have found them to be admirable in many aspects. One impressive aspect is the ability to cross 6-lane roads with human-like intelligence and dexterity.

Another aspect is of course, the ability to be weight-less on a thin branch.

(To be continued)

Eddie Chan

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