Taking on the Predator Trail by 50 fitness and hiking enthusiasts from SHAPE Malaysia – 9.9.2017


Lining up for the group photo
Selecting friends and team positions from T1-T5

It was a better than expected sunrise as we checked out the skies at 6.30 am to gauge the weather ahead for 50 young men and women (more women than men as expected) to take on the Predator Trail. This is practically the toughest trail at the Awana BIO Park. However, it was decided on the night before, prompted by the heavy rains to reduce two sections (the SPA and the CLIMB) from the course for safety and time control reasons. The starting point was changed to the leech-infested Nature Trail which adds a longer hiking distance of about 2 km. The main challenge was still the SLIDE section of the Predator Trail.

(To be continued)




Eddie Chan

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