Summer Camp

Camping, multi-discipline activities

The main concept of our Summer Camp is that it offers kids a “Multi-Disciplinary” program. Each activity on the itinerary challenges kids to focus on acquiring the “right disciplines”, ie. to do things with process correctness and of high quality.

Range of activities

Camp-setting, cooking, fire starting, cleaning, tiding up sleeping quarters Sports: Archery, Rock Climbing, Abseil, Dodgeball
Trekking, Identifying sounds of the forest, types of plants, animal habitats, survival skills, bird watching, butterflies and insecting, herping
Pitcher Plants conservation, Elephant sanctuary visit
Star Gazing
Planets, Constellations
Art & Craft
Color painting, matisse, carving, rattan weaving, pottery
Che Wong Orang Asli Settlement
Photography & Tech
Basic photography, video documentary (smart phone)
Team activities
The REEL Simulator for kids