Fashion Forest offers 6 year old Aryan a chance to photograph Nature – 12.9.2017

Aryan using a smartphone camera to record a Tiger Leech on the palm of Daddy’s palm

The simple fact that a smartphone has the capability to operate as a portable camera makes it a practical utility to take along with you on a walk in a forest. With the latest smartphones comes the latest photo-taking capabilities that includes zooming and the ability to take close up shots as well as video recording. Couple this advancement with connectivity to any, if not all, of the Telco service providers in Malaysia, what you get is a capacity not found in even the best SLR camera.

Now, couple this further with the fact that connectivity is available in a virgin tropical rainforest like the Fashion Forest in Genting Highlands, Nature photography is literally in the palm of your hands.

It increases Nature interaction and the appeal of a rainforest is enhance when children like Aryan Irukulla, from Australia can find more interest in Nature while going on a walk with his parents and younger brother, Arjun.

(To be continued)


Aryan snapping a quick shot of a frond of a young fern tree


Aryan composing a shot of a palm leave
Eddie Chan

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