The Tallest and Largest N.sanguinea Pitcher

On the trek with Janet Caddick and Jenny Hols, a daughter and mum pair from Sounth Africa but now residing in Qatar, we discovered Artemis, the tallest and largest N.sanguinea pitcher at the outer fringes of the Chocolate Forest. It was 31.1.2018. And it was a fabulous find. An N.sanguinea pitcher at 17 1/2inches in […]

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The Admirable Siamangs – Gentle and Shy Apes of Genting Highlands

Apes in Genting Highlands? Yes certainly, in the form of the gentle and shy Siamangs species. Unlike their ‘higher status’ cousins like the gorillas of Central Africa, the chimpanzees of America and the orang utans of Kalimantan, the Siamangs of Genting Highlands might be smaller in size but are no lesser in intelligence and acrobatic skills. […]

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Fashion Forest’s WiFi Rainforest FAMTrip for Indonesia Influencers and Media – 14.9.2017

It’s always a pleasure to share a ‘wilderness idea-whose-time-has-come’ to the mainstream international media and influencers as well as Malaysia media and influencers especially those that are strategically organized by Genting Public Relations to introduce a new dimension in Nature appreciation activities that highlights the reputedly 130 million years old virgin rainforests that envelopes the […]

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